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Patio Awnings, Canopies and Shades - Outdoor Canvas Curtains

Protect your patio and deck from sun and wind with a patio awning, deck awning and canvas curtains. We design, fabricate and install awnings, horizontal fabric covers and canopies to make your pool, deck or patio comfortable all year. We can create cabanas, fabric gazebos and pergola covers for swim areas and outdoor spaces. All work is made-to-measure and built in San Francisco.

patio curtains, patio awnings, outside curtains, canvas curtains arch
Striped outdoor canvas curtains and a draped fabric ceiling transform the outdoor lobby at Marin Suites.

This luxury, all-suite hotel in Marin wanted entrance canopies with bright striped drapes, and wanted that look to tie in visually with a new indoor/outdoor "sanctuary" on the resort grounds. Starting with a plain concrete tunnel that connected two courtyards, Tim McGill created a fabric ceiling that draped down like a tent. Two edges were designed to line up with the existing wall recesses and the other two edges followed the arched openings.

A bold stripe pattern was selected for the patio curtains to give some pizzaz to the wide arches and coordinate with the canvas entrance drapes. The final touch was to install large retractable drop curtains of clear vinyl to block the wind on blustery days.

American Canvas and Awning can create a wonderful space for entertaining in your restaurant, business or home with outdoor shade curtains or pergola curtains. Call us for sunroom canopies or awnings, outdoor pool cabanas or custom fabric gazebos.

Photos of Restaurant Patio Covers»

patio awning, patio canopy, fabric patio cover
Retractable patio awnings using Horizontal Roman Shade technique which retracts into soft pleats.

Retractable Patio Awning Roman Shade

Tim McGill calls this style a Horizontal Roman Shade. A typical retractable awning uses a metal arm that is moved by a motor or manually. This style uses lines and pulleys to move the fabric and fold it into soft, neat pleats. Tim McGill says, "It takes experience to make a Roman Shade work horizontally," but sometimes it is the ideal solution, as in this Woodside hillside home.

The side deck shows a smaller unit retracted. It stores completely under the generous eaves of the house. Vertical drop curtains can be installed to further control sun exposure from the side.

patio curtains, patio awnings, outside curtains, canvas curtains
The Horizontal Roman Shade fully extended on the main part of the deck.

The Horizontal Roman Shade is seen fully extended, next to the fixed patio awning which shades the sliding door. A canvas curtain, which drops just outside the railing, shades the glass door from the hot afternoon summer sun.

The combination of light management solutions helps make this deck a wonderful place for relaxation or entertaining. The feeling of being open to nature and the park-like hillside is optimized by fully retracting the Horizontal Roman Shade. When dining in the evening, light and wind can be softened with the overhead awnings and side curtain.

We can recommend solutions that will work for your home or business. We also make custom exterior drop shades that filter the light while allowing you to enjoy the view. Call us today for a free estimate.

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